Tour El Nido, Palawan

It’s no secret that El Nido, Palawan, Philippines is home to many beaches considered among the best in the world. As a bonus there also other sights to make your visit to this corner of the world even more worthwhile.

El Nido is a municipality on the island of Palawan in the north west of the Philippines. It is also the gateway to the Bacuit Archipelago. In Bacuit Bay lie islands with steep cliffs, clear, fish-filled waters, lagoons, caves that can be accessed by speedboat. More beaches as well as caves and waterfalls are accessible by land from your accommodations in The Apartments at El Nido.

Visits to the island and other sights in the waters of the bay are organized are typically organized into 4 tours. Points of interest included in the tour may vary. The groupings below were last updated in October 2020.

Cave Exploration Tour

The caves of interest are Cudugnon Cave and Cathedral Cave. Also known as Pinasil, Cathedral Cave and its grand interior and the high ceilings remind you of its architectural namesake. While there is no cave in Snake Island, this sand bar that snakes between to islets round off this tour.

Premium Tour

Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon and Matinloc Island are the places that you will get to visit. Kayaking into these lagoons transport you to a scene as if taken from a paradise movie. Lined with towering cliffs, the clear calm, waters these destinations are favorites of tourists. Your speedboat will bring you to a point outside the lagoons where you can rent kayaks to get inside the lagoons. Matinloc Island has secluded stretches of white beach. It is also the location of an abandoned Catholic shrine.

Tapiutan Strait Tour

There several stretches of sand that line the borders Tapiutan Island. Across the strait is Matinloc Island where you can find Hidden Beach and Secret Beach. From your boat, you can access Secret Beach by swimming through an opening. Hidden beach likewise secluded from the open waters.

Cadlao Channel Tour

Also known as Dilumacad Island, Helicopter Island is a beach destination is often the last stop of this tour. This gives you time to take in all their experiences at this place, taking a dip in the water or sinking toes into soft sand. From some distance, the silhouette of the island creates a beautiful setting for your photos!

Cadlao Lagoon is a beautiful place to visit. Nestled up against towering limestone formations, the clear waters of this lagoon provide excellent opportunities for snorkeling and swimming. You can also kayak your way through the clear waters of Cadlao Lagoon.

Pasandigan Beach

History Island Tour

Consider swimming to the shore when you get to Pinagbuyutan Island (Dont forget the life vest). You’ll get to see myriad of coral before you wade in. Tiring but worth it.

Lagen Cove 4 is also part of this tour

While on the island of Palawan, Seven Commando beach is not accessible by land because of the terrain. The place is usually the end of this tour. If you have energy left to burn, you can opt to do stuff on the sand like throwing a frisbee or a quick set of volleyball. Stalls and bars dot the area beachfront so you can unwind with your favorite drink on hand.

Other Sights

  • Panuytuyan Island
  • Pupulcan Island
  • Lovers island
  • Secret Lagoon – accessible through a small opening in the enclosing rock, this hideaway lagoon is a popular destination for sightseeing

Land Tour

Another precious stretch of soft sand, Lio Beach is conveniently served by many bars and restaurants as part of an Ayala property development near the airport.

For some, Nacpan beach is the best in the world. Spend a day or night on Nacpan Beach and you will leave enchanted by this stunning place! They have amazing food here too!

Duli Beach is the destination for surfing in Palawan. Waves are best during November to late January. Pack some food and drinks since there are not many places offering them nearby.

Las Cabanas or Marimegmeg Beach is the best place to catch the the sunset in El Nido. This area gives you many options to relax and unwind as you witness the day end. If you have time to spare, there’s even a zip line (that goes over the water) nearby.

The Apartments has speed boats for your exclusive. We can get you to places faster so you can opt to spend more time enjoying the islands of El Nido. We’ll even assign you snorkeling gear that you can use for the duration of the island tour.

There is a 200 PHP Eco-Tourism Development Fee that is good for several days. Tours normally start at 9 am and end at 4 pm as enforced by the Philippine Coast Guard. Kayaks and snorkeling gear are for rent at locations where they are available.

Stay safe and enjoy more. Always remember:

  • listen to your tour guide
  • keep your devices charged
  • bring sunblock
  • wear your life vest
  • keep the place clean
  • single-use plastics – just don’t
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