Home Away From Home

Your Home in Paradise

Mi casa, su casa.  Our home is your home.

We welcome you to experience paradise at the Apartments at El Nido.  Situated at the heart of El Nido town, you’re a speedboat away from seeing nature’s dramatic display of limestone cliffs, crystalline waters, powdery white sand beaches, enchanting caves, secret lagoons, and the diverse flora and fauna of this protected environment.

Not only do you get to tour the sites, you also get to know the locals.

Your Spacious Suites

Every suite at The Apartments at El Nido is designed to make you unwind and relax.

After a glorious day of touring the sites, you can sit back and enjoy your clean, spacious and comfortable suite. Every room has a living area, a fully equipped kitchen with dining space, a modern bathroom and at least two queen beds.  (clickable to check room descriptions)

The Sites That Await You

El Nido is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth for many good reasons.

Some of the best sites are also the names of our suites. 

The Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Codugnon Cave, Snake Island, Shimizu Island, Lovers Island, Panuytuyan Island and Pupulcan Island. (clickable per site for the site descriptions)

These are by no means the only amazing sites.  We’ll be glad to show you all of them!

Your Personalized Tour

We’ll get you there fast so you can take it slow…

Our fleet of speedboats are at your disposal. And so are our house vans.

Our seasoned captain, and certified tour guide can prepare a special tour for you based on what’s on your bucket list.

Whether you wish to move on land or sea, be active or chill, we’ve got you covered.

A Memorable Meal 

A signature activity of the Apartments.  We take you to a scenic spot, usually a secluded island, and spread a buffet of the island’s fresh catch, must-try local dishes and an array of tropical fruits.

Lazing around or snorkeling usually follows.

Your Taste of the Island’s Culinary Diversity 

El Nido, as a top travel destination, has an array of restaurants serving different cuisines from all over the globe.  Most of them are a few minutes away from the Apartments. 

We have partnered with some of El Nido’s best restaurants so you can sample what they have to offer.  (click here to know more about them)

Special arrangements can be made by our staff for delivery.

Our Commitment to the Environment

El Nido has a uniquely diverse ecosystem.  It is a Philippine protected area and was declared as “man and biosphere reserve” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It’s abundance of pristine natural formations and unique flora and fauna has made for a place of stunning beauty.

The Apartments at El Nido is committed to pursue and adhere to practices that sustains and maintains harmony with nature.

Our Commitment to the Community

El Nido was a small fishing village before tourism became the main source of livelihood. 

The Apartments at El Nido is committed to do its share in improving the quality of life of the people in the community while preserving its natural integrity.

The APT Way 

Filipinos are known for their warmth and hospitality. These traits are amplified at the Apartments, along with “malasakit” as our trademark.

We call it our “Ways of Doing Things” or the “APT Way”, as ingrained by the founder of the Perry’s group Art P. Tugade (APT)

It translates to the care, the friendship and the cleanliness you’ll experience during your stay.

Your Safe Travel

Round trip exclusive chartered flights are available for our guests who come in groups. You may opt to form your own travel bubble, book the chartered flight with just your group on board and have exclusive use of the Apartments

Upon arrival at Lio airport, our staff will whisk you away in our own the Apartments van to our location, and vice versa for going home.

You also get exclusive use of our vans and speed boats for going around the islands, subject to booking.

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