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El Nido Travel Requirements of Unvaccinated from Outside El Nido

For travelers from outside Palawan via Lio Airport or Puerto Princessa International Airport, the documents needed are the S-Pass Travel Permit and valid identification.

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Get your S-Pass Travel Permit
Go to
Get your S-Pass Travel Permit
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Apply for a permit

make sure to select local tourist for the type of traveler and El Nido (Bacuit) for your destination

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Fill-up the form and submit the following documents
  1. Valid ID
  2. RT-PCR on the RT-PCR Tab
  3. Hotel and Round-trip ticket**
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Coordinate with El Nido Tourism Office

*Upload documents. In the uploading of RT-PCR tab, upload your RT-PCR test results accomplished within the last 72 hours prior to your flight to Palawan.

**In the uploading of Other documents tab, Hotel booking confirmation and roundtrip ticket shall be uploaded as WORD or PDF document. Uploading images will only allow the uploading of ONE and not TWO documents. We are communicating with the concerned offices to try to make the uploading of documents easier based on the new set of requirements for fully vaccinated tourists.

The number of nights prescribed in your hotel booking and the number of nights prescribed in your roundtrip tickets shall be the same. Tourists are to stay only at DOT-accredited hotels, per National IATF guidelines. Booking several hotels are allowed, provided that all of them are DOT accredited.

***Erroneous applications cannot be entertained and tourists will be asked to re-apply correctly. El Nido Municipal Tourism Office will not be able to receive applications if the point of destination entered upon permit application is not El Nido (Bacuit); and travelers who will select other categories besides local tourist will be routed to another office and will be considered a mistaken or incorrect application.

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Municipal Tourism Office via FB Page

Executive Order 2021-63
Effective November. 22, 2021

For more information, please contact the El Nido Municipal Tourism Office:
(048) 433-2802 / 0969-013-7720
0919-002-1339 / 0906-449-0282